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The Foppoli Bramin Ltd. which manufactures wooden handles for hoes, pickaxes, shovels, hammers, etc. for more than 100 years has always stood for a great attention to the environment, by inserting in the production process equipment energy efficient, with a large yield.

This reduces to a minimum the energy consumption, waste resulting from the various stages of processing, resulting in optimization of raw materials.

To protect the environment in the production of our products (handles for shovels, pickaxes, hoes, hammers etc.) we use only FSC ® certified wood.

FSC ® certification is synonymous with sustainable forest management, ensuring a correct and efficient management of the wood, by rolling cuts and a proper forest-production chain.

Ask for products with FSC ® certification.

But we do not settle only for this!
In more than 100 years of experience we have developed a production process that allows us  to reuse all waste resulting from the various stages of production (slabs, chips, sawdust ..) producing natural fuel from the large caloric power, odorless, free of resin adhesives and paint.
This great attention to the environment and the optimization of the production cycle has allowed us to obtain recognition by the Italian Lombardy Region as a “Artisan Excellence”.

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