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Manufacturers of Wooden Handles

The Foppoli Bramin is a company specialized in manufacturing wooden handles.

The company is the ideal partner for the co-production of HANDLES WOOD directed to agriculture, construction and deforestation but it is always ready to listen to the needs of each client and is able to offer solutions subjective for the realization of personalized products, without precluding other sectors.

The union of a century of experience with today’s technology allows the Foppoli Bramin to be competitive in order to propose innovative and flexible products.

Continuous improvement is the combination of the constant growth of the company, which aims to adapt to new tools and techniques to offer products of increasing quality.

Why Foppoli Bramin

If you are looking for a partner who will always provide the best solutions, Foppoli Bramin is probably the best choice; no coincidence that we are talking about a dynamic company but with the more than 100 years of experience in the industry behind, that is passionately dedicated to the production of wooden handles always seeking innovative and customized solutions to customer needs.

This results in three strengths:

– the long-term planning, guaranteed by experience and continuity of management;
– the ability to offer customized solutions to customers on the individual market requirements;
– a way of treating warm and personal affairs.

Operate with Foppoli Bramin is beneficial for many reasons.

You’ll find that Foppoli Bramin always ensures the maximum possible in terms of innovation, quality, competitiveness and efficiency.

The products Foppoli Bramin are appreciated everywhere, because they are the cutting edge in their respective fields. But behind the products is a way of working that you will like: the style Foppoli Bramin.

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